DAB Digital radio in the Channel Islands

Tindle Radio's Bailiwick Broadcasting operates the local DAB digital radio multiplex in the Channel Islands.

The multiplex, launched in 2021, brings more than 20 radio stations to listeners in the islands, including established UK services like Virgin Radio, talkSPORT and Capital alongside local services including Channel 103, Island FM and the BBC's stations Radio Jersey and Radio Guernsey.

Digital Radio (DAB) allows you to bundle several radio stations together into what is called a multiplex. Each multiplex can then be broadcast using an individual frequency from a transmitter. DAB radios then separate each individual radio station from the multiplex and allow you to listen to it. One in three people in the Channel Islands now listens to DAB digital radio every week.

Our multiplex broadcasts to the Channel Islands using three transmitters - Les Platons in Jersey, Les Touillets in Guernsey and Fort Albert in Alderney. Outdoor coverage can be seen below and exceeds 98% of the combined island population.

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The following services are currently available in the Channel Islands: