Midlands 103 MD Albert Fitzgerald Retires

Albert Fitzgerald, Midlands 103’s Managing Director has retired.

He has been with the station since 1995, after starting his radio career in his hometown of Cork in the 1980s.

Since 2013, he has also had overall responsibility for Tindle’s Channel Islands radio stations, Channel 103 and Island FM.

Albert’s been a staunch supporter of many innovations in the Irish radio industry including the training body Learning Waves, Independent Broadcasters of Ireland and IRS Plus in Dublin, where he remains a director.

He also holds multiple awards including a PPI National Radio Award for documentary broadcasting and commercial production accolades, notably the National Love Radio Award for Best Creative Scriptwriting.

Looking back on his career, Albert has described his time in broadcasting as an amazing journey:

“We are so lucky to have such high-quality radio in Ireland and I’m especially proud of Midlands 103, operating in the most competitive part of the country but delivering the biggest weekly audience of any local station outside of Dublin and Cork. It’s a real credit to the dedication and skill of its management and staff.”

Midlands 103’s Programme Director and flagship talk show presenter, Will Faulkner, takes over as the station’s Managing Director. He brings more than 20 years’ experience in Irish radio broadcasting to the role.

At the same time, Jersey-based James Keen has been appointed as Managing Director for the rest of Tindle’s radio interests in the UK and Channel Islands. He has served as Station Director for Channel 103 and Island FM since 2018.