Channel 103 Gets Listeners Back On The Road

Channel 103 listeners have been able to get back on the road after their own car was written off in a crash while parked outside their home.

The Walsh family were away on holiday when two cars crashed outside their home, badly damaging the front of their house and their car parked outside.

They read about the crash on Channel 103’s website, and mum – Holly – left a comment on the station’s Facebook page, leading the team to want to try and help.

Channel 103 approached one of its advertisers, Motor Mall, who agreed to help as their showroom is just up the road from the Walsh family home.

Motor Mall stepped up and offered them a new Skoka Scala on loan so that the family can get out and about with their six-year-old daughter for the rest of the summer.

“You could only imagine coming back from holiday to find your home and car ruined so we were really keen to do what we could to help out the family,” said James Keen, Channel 103’s Station Director.

“We’re really grateful to Motor Mall for going the extra mile and sorting out a car.”

The family is now driving a loaned car until they can work out a way forward.