Tindle Radio reserves the right to refuse to broadcast any commercial advertising at its absolute discretion (subject to applicable broadcasting codes and Channel Islands-specific regulations).

All commercials must be of the exact correct duration for the campaign slot booked (eg a booked 30 second commercial must run to exactly 30.00 seconds)

Audio and Copy Rotation Deadlines

  • Monday – Thursday: Commercials required by 2pm on the day prior to transmission.
  • Friday: Commercials required by 1pm for broadcast on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • Bank Holidays: To cover public holidays in the UK, Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland the above deadlines are brought forward; copies of which will be forwarded to you one week prior to the relevant holiday

Please note that audio copy delivered outside of these deadlines may be subjected to a late copy surcharge if delivered after 5.30pm. £75 (plus GST in Jersey) on weekdays or £150 (plus GST in Jersey) on weekends and Bank Holidays by prior arrangement.

Delivery Instructions

All commercials for Channel 103 and Island FM can be sent via the following methods.

  1. Direct via email to [email protected]. (Phone: 01534 668107)
  2. Audiotrack
  3. Adstream

Copy needs to be on a suitable medium, e.g. email or file transfer as a .wav file or .MP3 at 192k minimum.

Copy should arrive at least two working days before broadcast (in case of any problems).

Copy should be accompanied by consignment notes with all music details for PRS reporting, along with RACC clearance number if applicable, and contact details.

Voiceovers and endorsements

Please note that Tindle Radio may decline to broadcast any advertisement which features the voice of a celebrity or otherwise well-known person closely associated with a competitor radio station or promotes a competitor radio station.

Any re-recording required to make an advertisement compliant with the above policy will be at the advertiser’s sole expense.

For further details, or to discuss a proposed advertisement, please contact your Account Manager.